Headline: PermaGov Stakeholder Workshop

The workshop is designed to be an interactive platform to discuss, brainstorm, and shape the future of marine governance in the EU. The workshop will bring together about 50 key individuals from research, policy making, industry and civil society. Coming from across Europe and spanning European Sea basins, participants will engage in discussions related to marine energy, biodiversity, transport, and plastics.

The workshop main objectives are to provide a comprehensive overview of European marine governance arrangements and to critically engage stakeholders in discussing these systems' dimensions and linkages. A key focus will be the application of a diagnostic tool to identify institutional barriers, enhancing understanding of current challenges within these governance frameworks. Additionally, the workshop will explore e-governance approaches, assessing their usability, potential in supporting the EU Green Deal objectives, and effectiveness in overcoming institutional barriers. It also aims to engage with PermaGov research, particularly in reviewing policy barriers, and to co-develop a Multi-layered Collaborative Marine Governance model, utilising the insights and expertise of diverse stakeholders to improve marine governance across the EU. 

Venue: Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, Avenue Louise 91-93, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Organiser: RIFS

Participation: By invitation only