Headline: Workshop: Strengthening MCS through a future international instrument on high seas biodiversity

Effective monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) is critical for the success of marine conservation and management. Whereas States have the right to manage the marine resources within their national jurisdiction, the high seas are subject to a complex patchwork of international rules and regulations. As States begin to negotiate a new international agreement concerning areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ), there is growing interest in how MCS tools and policies can be applied to this vast global commons.

This workshop in Paris, France, builds on a first workshop on technological tools held in July 2018 (summary available here). This workshop will focus primarily on possible options for strengthening MCS through a new international instrument on high seas biodiversity, currently under negotiation at the United Nations. This workshop will provide an opportunity to take stock of existing legal and policy frameworks, highlight ongoing initiatives and technological developments, and develop options for the future treaty.

The workshop is intended to provide a space for informal discussion and exchange between experts from a range of fields and perspectives. Each session will begin with a short presentation intended to stimulate discussion (10 mins), followed by a brief initial reflection from a discussant (5 mins) and a Chatham House discussion. Following the workshop, a policy brief will be published to disseminate key conclusions.